Takefu International Composition Workshop

The 13th Takefu International Composition Workshop

From the world to Takefu, From Takefu to the world

25 Augast through 2 September 2013

Composition workshop

Music Director Toshio Hosokawa
Director of the New Horizons Concert Masamichi Kinoshita (Composer, Japan)
Main Venue Echizen City Cultural Center and Rohdoh-Fukushi Kaikan
Course Descriptions Lectures, Seminars, Presentations by the invited composers, Listening sessions, Discussions, Composition lessons, Open rehearsals, Concerts and Announcement of Takefu International Composition Award 2013, etc.
Guest Faculty Alberto Pasadas (Composer, Spain)
Faculty Hiroyuki Itoh (composer, Japan)
Misato Mochizuki (Composer, Japan)
Francesco Filidei(composer,Italy/living in France)
Invited Composers (Active Participants) Aurelien Dumont(France/Winner of Takefu International Composition Award 2012)
Kaspar Querfurth(Germany/Winner of Takefu International Composition Award 2012)
Noriko Baba (Japan/living in France)
Invited Young Japanese Composers Noriko Koide (Japan)
Nana Kamiyama (Japan)
Sumio Kobayashi (Japan)
Guest Musicologist Max Nyffeler, Switzerland
Karsten Witt, Germany
Resident Performers Junko Yamamoto,Pf/ Tosiya Suzuki,Recorder/ Ken-ichi Nakagawa,Pf/ Seitarao Ishikawa,Pf and Cond/ Rüdiger Bohn,Cond/ Kawori Wakabayashi,Fl/ Nozomi Ueda,Cl/ Yosyu Kamei,Vn/ Yasutaka Henmi,Va/ Tomoki Tai,Vc/ Tomoko Kasai,Perc/ Maki Ohta,Msp/ Takayo Matsumura,Hp/ Quatuor Diotima,S.Q./ Mario Caroli,Fl/ Jeroen Berwaerts,Tp/ and others
Interpreters Kazuko Kurahara, German
Sayo Kosugi, English
Kensuke Sasaki, English
Misato Michizuki, French
Students (Passive Participants) 20 students will be admitted.
Fees 35,000 yen (Full period / Accommodations and meals not included)
This charge includes two composition lessons and free admission for all concerts during the festival/workshop.
To Register Fill out the application form and send it to the festival office below.
The application form can be obtained from our website or through the festival office upon request. There's an opportunity that your composed solo piece for (flute,recorder,vaiolin and viola) would be performed in the workshop. To apply for this opportunity, send in 2 scores to our festival office no later than August 10, 2013.
Application Deadline: Just after we meet the demanded number of applicants.
Contact Information Takefu International Music Festival Board
Address: 2-3-3 Takase, Echizen-shi, Fukui-ken, 915-0832 Japan
Tel: +81 778 23 5057 Fax: +81 778 21 1975