Takefu International Summer Academy

The 10th Takefu International Summer Academy

7 September through 14 September 2014

Summer Academy

Main Venue Echizen City Cultural Center, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

Flute, Clarinet and Shakuhachi Masterclass (Applicant wanted)

Faculty Mario Caroli, flute
Michel Lethiec, clarinet
Tadashi Tajima, shakuhachi

Participants: 5 students

Fees 30,000 yen (participation of entire period: include 3 individual lessons)
15,000 yen (participation for one day course: include 1 individual lesson)
5,000 yen (participation for one lesson for Shakuhachi course only)

Accommodations and meals are not included in above fee.

Lesson content Individual lessons of your choice of piece(s) (1 lesson:50 minutes.)

Notice things below!
●For outstanding students, an opportunity to perform in the academy concert will be given.
●All students may audit other students’lessons and will be admitted to all the concerts(Except the ones with meal for extra) and seminars, lectures of Takefu International Composition Workshop during the period you participate.
●Schedule for individual lesson(s) will be arranged personally with your instructor.

To Apply: Fill out the application form (download from our website or ask for the festival office)and mail it to the festival office. In the case of many applicants should appeare, a recording (CD) that includes pieces that best represent your current level of performance might be needed. Label the recording clearly with your name, titles of pieces, and length of each selection. The application form and recording can be obtained through the festival office upon request.
Application Deadline:July 31,2014

●This year's special course
Chorus course with The Hilliard Ensemble
Please ask to the festival office for details.