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Young musicians who are momentum and leading will gathere in Takefu(Echizen-city) from all over the world, a wide range of concert program such as contemporary music, classical, and traditional music will be held in Echizen city every day in the festival period this year. It is possible to touch the various music, It is 8 days excitement, discovery and excitement. Please enjoy. "Composition Workshop" will be held as an opportunity for study of young composers, Premiered works of modern composers will be aiso lined with, which is a characteristic of this music festival. We also conduct "The Summer Academy", to focus also on the development of future musicians. The music festival, which has been pursued seriously over what you can send for future music from one local city, has continued to be added a new page to the music world. "TAKEFU" now has been recognized as an important place in the music scene in the world. Takefu International Music Festival is full of originality and creativity, continues to new challenges. Please look forward to our program this year.


Akira Kasahara

Thank you for your attention to Takefu International Music Festival from all over Japan and all over the world. Our festival started in 1990, and will welcome the 25th festival this year. The program this year is mixed by both classical and contemporary music. I’m sure that you will find a new world and experience the great universe of music. We welcome Toshio Hosokawa, who is one of the leading composer in the world, to our music director. We are waiting for your appearance to our festival.
Takefu International Music Festival Board
President Akira Kasahara


Toshio Hosokawa

Toshio Hosokawa (Music Director)

Kei Itoh

Kei Itoh (Consert Producer)


February 1990 Started as Finland Music Festival’90 in Takefu. The festival was held in June.
March 1991 Finland Music Festival’91 in Takefu was held in May.
October 1991 Takefu International Music Festival Board was established.
1992.5.31-6.7 Takefu International Music Festival’92 was held. It became the annual activity ever since.
2001.6.10-6.19 Takefu International Composition Workshop was held. It became the annual activity ever since.
2005.8.28-9.7 Takefu International Summer Academy was held. It became the annual activity ever since.

(Awarded history)
March 1991

Narcissus Award
(Fukui Prefecture Organization for Culture Promotion)
November 1998 Culture Prize (Fukui News Paper)
February 2004 The Japan Foundation Prizes for Global Citizenship
March 2007 Keizo Saji Prize (The Suntory Foundation for Arts)


press conference

Press conference of Takefu International Music Festival 2014

There was a press conference on June 12.